Why Me

Some writers will have you believe they can write anything. Need a technical manual on Perl programing? They’ve got this. Need a landing page for a website that sells gently used wedding dresses? No problem. A video script for an online ad featuring your company mascot as a puppet piloting a helicopter?

You get the idea.

Maybe some people really can write all of those different articles. After all, writing is writing. Someone who is a good writer should be able to tackle any writing project. Just like any skilled athlete should be able to compete professionally in any sport. Michael Jordan was a really good baseball player, right?

It’s true that a competent writer of the generalist variety might be able to put words together on any subject and make them sound good. That’s fine, if you want your professional copy to be good. If good enough is good enough. Your customers will settle for “good,” right?

Of course they won’t. They shouldn’t have to, and neither should you. You provide fantastic service, and your clients need to understand that. That means you need fantastic copy. But there’s more to fantastic copy than just hiring fantastic writer. You have to hire a fantastic writer to delivers exactly what you want. Who knows how to write in your area, and who can match the tone of your company with pitch perfect accuracy. Someone who can communicate your message, whether you know exactly what that message is right now or not.

Picking the right writer isn’t just about finding the best writer. It’s about finding the best writer for your project. Maybe that’s me. Maybe it isn’t. If your project and my skills and style aren’t compatible, I don’t want to work on it. I’d be wasting both of our time. But just as you can’t tell everything about a prospective hire from looking at a resume, looking at a writer’s portfolio and reading their testimonials is just a start. You need to talk about the work at hand. You need to have a conversation.

Send me an email, or give me a call. There’s a damn good chance that if you’re with me this far, we’ll work great together. And there’s a chance we won’t. No hard feelings. There’s only one way to find out.