5 Unforgettable New Jersey Wedding Halls

New Jersey may not be the first place you think of when you think of magnificent wedding halls, but the Garden State has more than its share of elegant mansions and sprawling outdoor vistas. The following New Jersey wedding venues rank among the most luxurious you will find anywhere, and each one is truly unforgettable.

1: Nanina’s In the Park, Belleville

Nanina’s in the Park is both a historical New Jersey landmark and an elegant place to hold your wedding. Nanina’s is located inside the beautiful Branch Point Park. In the spring, the cherry blossoms boom and the entire park is blanketed in vibrant pink life. It would be easy to walk the wooden bridge over the brook and among the flowers and believe you are in an enchanted fantasy land. The main hall itself is in the style of a Tuscan villa, full of marble and wrought-iron staircases and crystal decor that hangs from the ceiling like frozen waterfalls.

2: The Park Savoy, Florham Park

The Park Savoy is rich with breathtaking garden scenery and hidden delights. Every inch of the lovingly tended garden has its own beautiful sights, most especially the path leading down to the secret garden and it’s romantic reflecting pool. The hall itself is an elegantly restored mansion, full of antique decor and lit by candles and chandeliers and firelight. Windows that stretch to the ceiling give an excellent view of the ground throughout the fantastic dinner service full of innovative dishes you might expect to find in a cutting edge restaurant.

3: The Imperia, Somerset

The Imperia prides itself on being both sophisticated and fun, and it delivers on both counts. Upon entering through the front doors, you’ll notice the blend of classic and modern design, most captured by the double grand staircase spiraling to the ceiling. This leads one to several separate ballrooms with names like “The Majestica” and “The Regalia,” each with a distinct style, but all of them unforgettable. Both the hall and the staff are well known for being elegant and luxurious without being stuffy.

4: Shadowbrook, Shrewsbury

You could easily be fooled into thinking a British monarch had moved to New Jersey when you see the elegant Gregorian mansion that sits at the heart of Shadowbrook’s 20 sprawling acres. When lit up at night it looks like a palace. A tree-lined entryway winds its way into grounds that are covered end to end with lushly manicured gardens. Shadowbrook was a high-end fine dining restaurant before they moved into event-hosting, so they are justifiably famous for their food. The gigantic mansion has large rooms that can accommodate many guests as well as cozier rooms for more intimate affairs.

5: One Atlantic, Atlantic City

In case you think every one of the best New Jersey wedding venues is some kind of mansion, the One Atlantic is an elegant wedding hall right in the middle of Atlantic City. The ballroom features floor-to-ceiling windows, and extends 100 feet over the Atlantic for unparalleled views of the ocean, the city, and the boardwalk. The decor, style, and cuisine at the One Atlantic is highly versatile, and the staff is well known for their ability to create a couple’s exact dream of their wedding over the sea.