People Don’t Read

The fact is, the human brain isn’t designed for reading. We’re hard-wired for speech, but reading is an invention humanity created to make our lives better. Like the steam engine. Assuming people are going to read your copy just because it’s there is like assuming they’ll walk into a room and operate your steam engine.

But all is not lost. People might not like to read. But there are a few things they do love.

  • People love to have an engagingĀ conversation.
  • People love to learn about things that will enrich their lives.
  • People love to be entertained.

People will read your words if those words fulfill one of the other things they love. They will also operate your steam engine.

If your copy speaks to them, like a real person, they will stand up and pay attention. Conversational writing gets your attention because it makes our brain think we need to hold up our end of the conversation.

If you are giving people things they really need to know, they’ll pay attention to learn them.

If people are having a blast reading your copy, they’ll keep going. Of course they will!

Do all three and you’re set. Any kind of copy, on any subject and for any audience, can benefit from this treatment. Conversational copy is clearer, easier to read, and it sticks to eyeballs better than any other approach.

If your business can benefit from the conversational copy treatment, let me know.