Why Food Makes the Best Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are a fun and easy way to buy presents for everyone on your holiday shopping list. But why settle for a basket full of aftershave and bath salts that will sit on the bathroom counter unused? There’s one gift basket ingredient that is sure to please everyone. Here are a few reasons why food makes the best gift baskets.

Everyone Loves Food

Food is the universal language. There is hardly anyone anywhere, from any culture or background, with any interests or hobbies, that doesn’t love food. We all have people on our holiday shopping lists who are impossible to shop for. You know they love action movies, but you don’t know which ones they already own. You know they love skiing, but you don’t want to buy them a whole new set of skis, and what do you know about skiing anyway?

But buy them a selection of gourmet popcorn, fine chocolates, or artisanal cured meats, and you know they’ll love it. The great thing about food is that you can never have too much of it. Even if lightning strikes twice and someone else gets them the exact same basket, that just means it’ll take longer before their favorite treats run out.

People Love Gourmet Food, But They Often Won’t Buy It

It’s common folk wisdom that the best gift is something that a person will love but that they wouldn’t buy for themselves. Gourmet gift baskets are the perfect solution. Any chef or food aficionado will tell you that a good bottle of olive oil can enhance almost any meal. But few of us are willing to shell out top dollar for the good stuff. There are plenty of people who keep nothing but supermarket brand cheddar in their fridge, but would be more than happy to grate imported Parmigiano Reggiano onto their pasta if given the chance.

Truffle infused oil, organic jasmine pearl tea, Parisian grey salted caramel dipped in 80% cocoa dark chocolate. These are gifts that make people feel special but that they very rarely buy. Gift baskets are a great and affordable way to give your friends and family the fancy foods they love in one affordable and elegantly presented package.

Fine Food Means Special Occasions

Thanksgiving is all about gathering around and eating a succulent roast turkey. St. Valentine’s day is about sending delicately flavored chocolates to the person we fancy. The very concept of the modern holiday evolved from the traditional feast, those rare days during the year when everyone, royalty and peasant alike, stopped working and sat down for a special meal. When you ask most people what they like best about the holiday season, it is usually the food. There’s a reason people gain weight during the holidays. Celebrating and eating special foods go hand in hand. Gift baskets combine the food people love with beautiful presentations that can capture the true spirit of any special occasion.

Give Baskets Provide Selection

You know your cousin Merle loves coffee like she loves her children. The problem is you don’t know City Roast Jamaican Blue Mountain from Chock Full O’Nuts. Even if you were to buy her a pound of gourmet coffee, you don’t know her taste. Don’t fret! With a gift basket, you can give her a wide┬áselection of high end coffees all with one gift.

Even if she is terribly particular, there is bound to be something in there that satisfies her. This makes food gift baskets perfect for people who are hard to shop for. Gift baskets are also perfect for those picky eaters in your life. Buy them a basket that contains many different items and they are sure to find something they love.

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